How i went from money-Bleeding Facebook Ad Campaigns to cracking its algorithm and Growing My Business Sales by 900% - by implementing this controversial ad strategy

Discover how this one simple method transformed my struggling ad campaigns into a successful venture by exploiting the "untapped" customers on Facebook

Does the situation in the image above strike a chord?

Spending hundreds...  even thousands... without getting any conversion or sale on your Facebook ad campaign...

...despite diligently following some of the best practices and advises on Facebook marketing... yet the results remain deeply disappointing...

Here's a surprising truth...

If you're launching your ad campaign the way most experts, including Facebook, advise - (a.k.a launching a direct "Sales Campaign")... you're likely heading towards this common pitfall.

In fact, this happens to 90% of online business owners who advertise on Facebook...

And the culprit?

The very same Advanced-Algorithm we rely on.

But before I explain further how this works, and how it can impact your advertising success... allow me to first introduce myself.

Hey there, my name is Benjamin Yong...

...a seasoned online marketer who has been in this game for 12+ years...

...and I'm about to take you on a journey — a journey of setbacks, discovery, and success...

That has the potential to redefine your online business's advertising approach and dramatically grow your business.

The Crisis Point

My story begins at a point of crisis in my life.

I was an online marketer and the owner of a thriving business.

I lived a life that many could only dream of – 4 cars, a beautiful bungalow, multiple properties, and a healthy bank balance.

But then, like a bolt from the blue, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, taking my entire business with it...

...And just like that, 95% of my net worth evaporated into thin air.

That crash didn’t just wipe out my wealth; it threatened the very life I had built...

I was back to square one, a one-man show, with the daunting task of figuring out the quickest way to generate income for my family.

...I had monthly installments to make, properties to maintain, a wife and three children to support.

...The comfortable life that I was accustomed to was teetering on the brink of disaster.

With everything on the line... I returned to what I knew best -  Media-buying (a.k.a advertising).

I needed a quick solution.

Initially, I managed to scrape by...

...I was making a few thousand dollars in profit each month, thanks to Facebook's super intelligent algorithm.

It always managed to find people with the most intent to buy my stuff, ensuring I always had the most likely buyers.

However, just when I thought I had my life back on track, things took a drastic turn.

As Facebook rolled out more updates, competition intensified, and the Facebook algorithm started to lose its power...

Costs skyrocketed, and effectiveness plummeted...

...My return on ad spend began to dwindle as I scaled up...

I am not sure if you have came across this...

...but the more you spend, the less you make back... and that's exactly what happened to me.

I was spending $1000 only to get back $950... or sometimes if I'm in luck... $1050.

Fast forward three months, I had spent $30k with a revenue of just $27,000. Imagine working 14 hours a day, 7 days in a row, only to find that you're working for nothing.

It was a relentless cycle of despair.

Average result that I used to have. It's either break even or making slight losses...

The failed solutions

In my desperation, I turned to Facebook groups and joined some private masterminds...

...where I was taught methods like 3 2 2, surfing methods, better copywriting — anything that promised to improve my situation.

These methods worked for a while, but as soon as I scaled up my campaign budget, my ROI tanked.

I was back to square one... and my situation seemed hopeless.

Have you ever felt that despite everything you try... your campaigns just won't turn around...?

a chance discovery

I was at my lowest point, frustrated and desperate.

But I couldn't give up. I have a wife and three kids depending on me.

But sometimes, life throws you a lifeline when you least expect it.

Mine came in the form of a chance meeting with an old colleague from my days as a part-time Nikon camera salesman while I was in college...

...It reminded me of the strategy I used to become a top-performing salesman, one that didn't rely on the standard playbook.

I have been leading my team and won many top sales awards back in the days... Yes we were given can drinks as the prize...

Here’s the interesting part.

You see, back in my camera salesman days, I wasn't just a run-of-the-mill salesman.

I was a top performer. I had a unique way of connecting with people, not just the ones who were looking to buy a camera, but anyone who passed by.

Instead of starting my line with "Hey Sir/Madam would like you to buy a camera...?"

...I would strike up conversations, build rapport, and subtly steer them towards the idea of owning a camera...

And this strategy worked like a charm and was the main reason why our team could be the top sales on almost every single trade show...

When my old colleague brought up this strategy during our chat, it was like a light bulb...

It was the 'aha' moment.

...Why hadn't I thought about applying this same strategy to my Facebook ad campaigns?

...What if, instead of using the "Direct" way to talk to people, I pursued the "Indirect Approach" - talking to them, sharing stories before steering them to get the product I want them to buy...?

The psychology behind this is really simple...

When someone knows that you are trying to sell them something, their will have their guard up.

When their guard is up, and their resistance is high... how can you possibly convince them to buy your product/service?

Notice how this can turn into a HUGE problem for advertisers who run a "direct" campaign on Facebook?

...and the same goes to people who use Facebook.

They do not use Facebook just to be sold!

Implementing the new strategy

Having this new thought on mind...  I planned a new ad campaign that very night.

Instead of launching a "direct" campaign, I launched an "indirect" campaign and went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I was blown away by the numbers on my tracking software.

The campaign was converting like crazy and I was getting a ton of sales from it!

I thought it was a glitch on my dashboard, but when I logged on to my sales backend and saw those numbers, I was astounded.

The best part is, as I scaled the campaign... the cost per acquisition was consistent (instead of going up) and I was getting a ROAS that I've never seen before!

Within days, my cost per acquisition had dropped by 30-50%.

I was attracting a flood of new customers, and best of all, they weren't the ones everyone else was fighting over.

I was in uncharted territory, exploring an untapped market that was ripe for the picking.

My cost per sale went down from $17+ to $3+

The transformation

In just 21 days, this strategy generated my business $226,105.88 in sales - a 900% increase with a return on ad spend of 3.49!

In layman's terms, every $1 I put into Facebook ads has generated me $3.49!

It wasn't just a number. It was a beacon of hope, a symbol of resilience, and a testament to the power of out-of-the-box thinking.

But most importantly, this new method allows me to tap into the "blue ocean" of Facebook's vast but overlooked audience!

It felt like a dream, but the reason behind it was as simple as it was revolutionary:

The Facebook algorithm.

Facebook's algorithm focuses on 'intent'.

When you launch a "Direct" campaign...

It shows your ads to people who have the "highest intent" and are 'most aware' of your product or service, the ones who are likely to bite.

This "high intent" audience usually accounts to about 10% of your potential customers.

Sounds great, right?

But here's the catch. This very same approach means that this 10% of audience are seeing 10+ of your competitors' ads as well!

It's like fishing in a pond when there's an entire ocean out there.

I want to remind you that this is not your fault. It's the intention of Facebook and how the algorithm works.

So why does Facebook do this?

It's simple: By focusing on the top 10% audience with the most intent, you'll be getting conversions and sales with ease.

They make it so easy that everyone can start advertising on Facebook and get results - including all your competitors!

But in reality, your potential "audience" are exposing to not just 1, not 2, but all ads launched by your competitors...

How can you ensure that they will buy from you instead of your competitors?

As more advertisers jump in, the competition increases, the CPM (cost per thousand impression) increases, the cost per acquisition increases...

Which results to your overall ROI decrease, and it turns into a dog-eat-dog world.

Will Facebook tell you this? Of course not.

So, what's the solution?

The "Smart" way

Enter the smart way - the "Indirect Approach".

Instead of fishing in the crowded pond, why not target the remaining 90% of audience which your competitors have no idea about?

By targeting the remaining 90% of the market, you can get them into your funnel and nurture them. When they're ready to buy, they'll turn to you.

It doesn't matter what business you are in. Be it e-commerce, info-product, lead generation, coaching... this strategy will work as long your have a B2C business that rely on getting sales online!

With this approach, you'll have lower acquisition costs, higher ROAS, and a campaign that's truly scalable.

The secret to this strategy isn't some magical formula. It's simply about understanding the Facebook algorithm and using it to your advantage.

It's about recognizing that only 10% of your audience has the intent to buy while the remaining 90% is waiting to be convinced.

The key is knowing how to target and convert this untapped pool of audience.

And that's precisely what I'm sharing in my new ebook, "Untapped Customers."

This ebook is not just a collection of theories or hypothetical strategies.

It's a proven blueprint that I've used to transform my struggling Facebook ad campaigns into a $226,105.88 success story in 21 days.

It's a radical shift in how you approach Facebook advertising, a manual that not only explains the 'what' and 'how' but also dives deep into the 'why'.

By using my method discussed in the book, you can:

Increase Sales: With a strategy focused on untapped markets, you're likely to see a significant boost in your sales. You're no longer competing in the red ocean of intent-driven customers but swimming in the blue ocean of the vast, untapped market.
Improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): By focusing on a new, broader audience segment, the cost per acquisition will decrease, thereby improving your return on ad spend. The money you invest in advertising goes further, bringing in more revenue for each dollar spent.
Gain Market Advantage: Utilizing these unconventional strategies can give you a unique advantage over competitors who continue to use traditional methods. You'll be playing a game that most others don't even know exists.
Build a More Sustainable Business: By diversifying your marketing approach and reaching out to new, untapped customer bases, your business becomes less vulnerable to changes in market conditions. You won't be solely reliant on the same oversaturated pool of customers.
Campaign Scalability: By targeting the 90% of the audience, you're effectively fishing in the ocean instead of a small pond. You won't have any issue scaling your campaign and business revenue!

Sure, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't selling this book to make a profit.

I've stumbled upon this incredible strategy and it would be just plain crazy not to monetize it, right?

But let's get one thing straight: This isn't just another 'Facebook marketing' eBook, full of fluff and recycled information.

No, this is the real deal - a true map to success, filled with tactics that I've tested, tweaked, and validated with my own business.

This is the culmination of all my learning, my trials, my failures, and most importantly, my triumphs in the online marketing space.

For just a nominal fee, you're not only getting the "Untapped Customers" ebook, which contains 200+ pages of revolutionary strategies, but also a 7-hour video series to help you get started.

And that's not all.

To sweeten the deal, I'm throwing in bonuses worth up to $949 (you will see them on the next page).

If you and your business are struggling with Facebook ads campaign, it's a no-brainer. You can't afford to miss out on this opportunity.

Why is this eBook selling at a fraction of its price?

It's simple. I'm using it to demonstrate the value I bring to the table.

By offering it at a low price, I'm hoping to show you the effectiveness of my strategies, not just in theory, but in action. This isn't just about selling a book; it's about fostering a partnership based on trust and tangible results.

My hope is that you'll find so much value in this eBook that you'll want to explore my other, more comprehensive offerings. That's the deal.

Don't just take my words for it, though.

Here are some of the success stories from people who have applied the UC Model:

My Sales Skyrocketed From 1-2 A Day To 30+ A Day!

"I was struggling on my ecommerce business and was only making 1-2 sales a day. After buying Untapped Customers book and implemented the strategy in it, my sales skyrocketed to 30+ a day. The best part is, I am now able to scale my campaigns to a bigger pool of audience and it's currently converting at 7%!"


Untapped Customers Student

This Strategy Works Like Magic! My Ad Cost Is Reduced By 50%!

"I was struggling with the high CPM cost in the US market. The UC Model showed me a way to reduced the cost by 50%. Thanks to this, I managed to scale my revenue to a new height, a whooping $87,326.21 in sales!"


Untapped Customers Student

So Much Value For Such Little Price!

"Anyone can run profitable campaigns by knowing how to target the untapped audience... I was in disbelief when I first see the ad about it... But I am glad that I gave this book a go! The result speaks for itself!"


Untapped Customers Student

John, Edward, and Joseph are just part of the success stories of this model.

In fact, since the launch of the book, there are now 1000+ people who are learning and using this formula to run profitable ads on Facebook.

This is a strategy I believe in so much that I'm willing to stake my reputation on it. And so, for less than the cost of your lunch, you get to dive into a marketing methodology that's not just effective, but revolutionary.

Also, to back up my words, I'm offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you're not satisfied with the value you get from the ebook and video series, if you think it's not worth the money, just ask for a refund.

You'll get your money back, no questions asked.

I'm doing this because I genuinely want you to succeed.

If you don't find success with this ebook, it's unlikely you'll want to engage with my higher-ticket programs.

So, there's no risk in giving "Untapped Customers" a try. What you do after that is up to you.

I should warn you, though, the price isn't going to stay this low forever. I'm selling copies of this book every day, and people keep telling me to increase the price. I know I should, and I will, but I don't know when. If I were you, I'd grab this deal before the price jumps to $497.

Your money doesn't just buy an eBook; it unlocks a new approach to Facebook advertising, one that will let you tap into an almost untouched pool of potential customers.

You've literally got nothing to lose and a whole new world of marketing success to gain.

So, why wait? It's time to step up your marketing game and discover what your business is truly capable of.

After all, in the world of online business, the only limit to your success is the one you set for yourself.

Tap the button below and claim your copy of "Untapped Customers" before the price goes up.

*You're just a few clicks away from scaling your business on FB Ads exponentially

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